Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stone Soup ????

No Stones in this Soup , but everything else you can think of that is good in a soup can be added to this recipe. This is for those times when you need something filling but have little cash or your just looking for some comfort food on a rainy or cold day.
 It can also be a nice way to get friends and family together by donating their favorite foods to be added. Much like the Fable Stone Soup , make in advance and throw a dinner party or have a small gathering. Let them know the ingredients are for a Stone Soup Dinner , your sure to get all kinds of donations. The recipe can be doubled for larger amounts and no one will go home hungry.
Now I am all for making things from scratch but there are times you simply can't either due to a lack of funds or supply. Recently I went to the store to do my regular grocery shopping and they had frozen mixed veggies on sale .99 cents a bag , what a deal and I was tight for money so of course I bought 4 bags. I knew I had potatoes at home as well as onion and tomatoes. Yep you got it , veggie soup was the plan. It's filling  , healthy and cheap , not to mention the leftovers can be frozen or canned. I live as simply as possible and learning to use what you have is a huge part of that. Using what money you have and making it last as well as using what you already have to make ends meet along with your talents , skills  , imagination and determination.
This soup is best made in the morning and let simmer until dinner time. I like to serve mine with corn bread and honey butter , but alone or with bread , crackers or salad it is a comfort food that is great for rainy / cold days or just a simple way to get everyone fed.

Stone Soup :

Large Stock Pot
3-4 bags of frozen Veggies / Canned may be substituted ( 4 Lg. or 6 Sm. )
1-2 onions , peeled and diced
6 large potatoes , peeled and diced
2 large cans tomatoes , dice if needed
1-2 Tomato Sauce
1 Can Kidney Beans
3 squares Beef Broth ( Add only if not using meat )
Garlic / fresh or powdered
Italian Seasoning / Dried
Dash of Nutmeg
Red Pepper ( Optional )
Meat if Desired
Small Pasta if desired

You can add other ingredients like mushrooms , green onion or what ever you have that would make a good soup.

Place all ingredients except for the pasta in stock pot. Measure water into empty cans and add to the mix. If needed add more water stir and add seasonings to taste.
If using meat , cook the meat then add the rest of the ingredients , why dirty more dishes?
 To add  pasta simply cook the pasta and add  *make sure you do this no more then 15 minutes before serving or the pasta could turn to soft ( Pasta can be made in advance , simply rinse and store in air tight container or baggie in the Fridge add 5 minutes before serving ). The pasta can be cooked in with the soup itself but be careful , the pasta can turn to soft and you will need to keep an eye on the amount of liquid since the pasta will absorb some of it ( be sure not to do this no more then 15 minutes before serving ). The reason I bring this up is due to the fact this is a make ahead meal. If started in the morning as recommended and simmering all day your pasta will easily break apart after cooking most of the day. So I strongly recommend cooking the pasta separately and adding shortly before serving , no more then 15 minutes before. If you don't add the Pasta this make ahead meal is ideal for busy days , it can even be made days in advance and reheated. Presto Dinner is served.

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