Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recycling Candy Wrappers

I have always loved this idea , with all the candy and what not the kids get for Easter and any other Holidays this is a useful and recyclable blessing. If you have a child this is a must to make since they go thru purses often. Simply ask your children to save the wrappers for you , of course you will want them to be as careful as possible so perhaps only the older children would be best to ask. Once you have your wrappers , candy  , chips or even cookie Bags decide what size you would like to make your bag , clutch or wallet. I have seen many on the internet but most are not very fashionable my goal was to make something fashionable as well as functional. Keep in mind this is a clutch it is not meant to over stuff  causing excess stress on the seams just as with any bag , purse and so on.
Please be sure to read the entire Blog before starting  , there is a trouble shooting section following the instructions and I really urge you to read them before beginning.

In this Blog post we are going to make a simple , stylish and functional clutch.

You Will Need :

Wrappers ( Pressed Flat either by ironing on a very low heat or pressing in a book or under a heavy book or box , trim edges insuring you get a straight edge )
Duct Tape ( comes in many different Colors these days )
Double sided Duct tape ( if sewing plenty of alcohol to wipe the needle to get the glue off as you sew)
* Optional : Ribbon or Rope ( many different things can be used for handles or shoulder strap if desired)
Scissors / Crafting Knife
Cutting mat
Pattern ( here is the pattern I used from Country Living  : )

What to Do :

1. Tape one side of a cutting mat over lapping the tape as you go along.
2. Lift tape from cutting mat.
3. Place the tape sticky side up.
4. Carefully place candy wrappers onto tape.
5. Trim any excess tape.
6. Place pattern on what is now your fabric and cut out the pattern
( I adjusted this pattern to a smaller version ( not shown here ) , to do this simply trim to the size you desire following the printed pattern going in an inch at a time to insure you get the size you want . You can measure with a ruler or eyeball it as I did. )

Clutch : 

Stick on Velcro does actually adhere well.
Once the pattern with the candy wrapper fabric is cut out find your fold it is the dotted lines on the pattern. Or it can be done by placing the front and back together and folding the top over. You might want to press it with a heavy book , I used a box with mason jars in it and let it sit for a day or two. Now take the front and back facing each other and use the double sided tape to adhere the front and back along the seams or as I did sew them together ( If you do sew either on the machine or by hand get your rubbing alcohol out and a rag or cotton balls and be sure to wipe the needle often  , this is to remove the glue that will attach itself to the needle as you sew. Also if you use your machine you may want to oil the sewing machine when you are done since alcohol is a drying agent and can remove the oil from the machine. ) Once it is sewn or taped together turn it right side out and press again with a very heavy book or box. Now you can add velcro or a button , if adding a button you can easily cut a button hole in the front. With the duct tape you will not need to worry about fraying there simply isn't any.

Trouble Shooting :

You may have a few seams come apart when turning right side out. In this case simply measure your seam and cut a piece of duct tape to secure the area. No , this won't work all the way around on the inside since you are going to have a rounded corner not a square one.
If the thread breaks while sewing on the machine it means your needle is gummed up with glue from the tape. Take the needle out and clean it with the rubbing alcohol , just remember to go over the area where the thread broke. I personally wiped every few stitches while sewing , it takes a little time but does work and allows you to have the rounded corners as will the double sided duct tape.
Many sites will say to use glue guns , super glue , and all kinds of glues. They will not adhere well if at all and you will not get a secure bag in the end.

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