Friday, October 7, 2011

Simply Unplugged

I had been wondering why I was struggling as to finding time for this blog as well as tending to my home and the needs of my family. I found that I have been so connected to the internet that I was missing out on many things. I found this out by reading my own blog posts , ironic I know but it's true.
You see it was and is very full filling to share and write my blog posts but I realized I wasn't truly practicing what I was preaching. Oh sure I was making and doing with my family but not to the extent I really wanted. The house needed dusted , floors needed a good scrubbing and so on. In general I was slacking on some of the most important things , to me that is , my home which to my thinking is the center of family. For days now I have been cleaning , organizing and preparing for the upcoming holidays. I have not had time for getting online daily and I have left FB behind outside of sharing my blog posts with my group. I have to tell you this is such a relief , I am happier , more relaxed and still find time to make and do with my family. Of course I usually plan certain projects for certain days and other things I find time for in the evenings. I actually picked up my crochet needle last night and started crocheting.
One of the other things we have done to unplug is to turn off the Television once we have watched the morning news. We turn it back on around 3 or 4 in the afternoon but other then that it is off. We have not missed it at all in fact it actually makes things go faster and we are more relaxed even as we do chores or other projects. Like many people we would leave it on just to make some noise but it was actually draining us of our day.
I find it odd how we can get so caught up in the latest technology that we really do waste our time and lives with it. And I am as guilty as the next person , but I have vowed to only get online to write my blog posts or check up on my grown children. FB is no longer a part of my daily routine and the television is only an entertainment provider not something I have to have on 24/7.
I will still be posting pretty often but not as much as I did at the start. If I am to actually teach people about a simpler life then I need to practice what I preach and to be honest it is working out just fine. We couldn't be happier just enjoying the simple things in life and at times that may mean a little more work but for us it is just fine. We enjoy working together for one common goal. That goal is to just be happy and healthy by making sure we have enough food to eat , a decent roof over our heads and clean clothes to wear.
I suppose to some it sounds odd that a woman in her late 40's would find such pleasure in slowing down and just enjoying life. Not stressing about the fact I may not have designer this or that  , or perhaps being all consumed with my wrinkles starting to show. Actually wanting to go back and do the work that is so rewarding , basic and simple. But I can assure you that I am that woman and as I said when I started this blog I am relearning to live simply , this is a journey for me as well as you the reader. I am sure there will be more enlightening to come for me , since I have only been on this journey a short time. But I think I am headed in the right direction for me and my family and am as excited now as I was when I first began.
Many thanks to all my followers and all my FB group members for your support and encouragement.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


One of the fun things about Halloween is all the crafting we do. One of our favorite projects is setting up an old fashioned grave yard , the kids in the neighborhood just love it. Now I used to actually dig up soil and dump it in the form of a fresh grave , until my husband complained that we did not get enough of the mess up after the big night and it was messing up his front One Year we even had a hanging tree we made out of a large tree branch , complete with a head separated from the body below.
So now we simply add tombstones and body parts , some cob webs , an old strobe light I bought yrs. ago , some scary music / sounds and call it a day.
To make your own tombstones you will need some simple things. Cardboard , paint ( Black and Gray ) , Scissors , Glue or Tape and a stake to secure into the ground. This can be done with old wood as well , hint  , hint......

Start by getting an old cardboard box and cutting it into the form of a tombstone. Saving some for a stand if making these for table top decorations.
Paint with the grey paint , front first let dry then the back. Once dry use the black paint to write something on it and decorate with any cracks  , spiders or other spooky ideas. These are not for rainy weather so you may want to place these a little before the trick or treaters make their appearance.
Attach to the stake with glue or tape and place in the ground. Make many of these for a full graveyard.
 For the table top decorations simply follow the above directions but instead of using a stake to secure this you will cut out a back tab to attach. To do this cut out a triangle ( one side should be straight and longer , see pics below ) , bend slightly at the longer end and glue or tape to secure. Place on the table with some other spooky decorations such as cobwebs and presto.

Some cute sayings for your tombstones :
Here lies Mrs. Derns Now being Eaten By Worms
Here lies I.M. Dead
I.M.A. Goner
Here lies Mr. Jones Now He's Just a Bag of Bones

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Short Break

As some may have noticed I haven't posted a new blog for a few days. I do enjoy posting and sharing but I also have to admit it can get a bit over whelming at times. I do my best to include step by step pics for people to follow but I don't have a great camera  , this makes it a little harder.
I am working on some new posts in keeping with the current holidays approaching. I am trying to purchase a few basic supplies needed but as with most Americans right now I am dealing with budget issues. So I am having to rethink how to make them in a way most can do as well. Little to no money is my motto in an effort to live more simply and I as well as anyone struggles at times with this concept. The fact that I can't run to the store or internet to purchase supplies makes me want to share my skills and ideas even more.
I have some wonderful ideas for table decorations as well as yard decorations and am bursting to share them with you all. So please be sure to check back in the next couple of days for the newest post / project.