Tuesday, October 4, 2011


One of the fun things about Halloween is all the crafting we do. One of our favorite projects is setting up an old fashioned grave yard , the kids in the neighborhood just love it. Now I used to actually dig up soil and dump it in the form of a fresh grave , until my husband complained that we did not get enough of the mess up after the big night and it was messing up his front yard...lol One Year we even had a hanging tree we made out of a large tree branch , complete with a head separated from the body below.
So now we simply add tombstones and body parts , some cob webs , an old strobe light I bought yrs. ago , some scary music / sounds and call it a day.
To make your own tombstones you will need some simple things. Cardboard , paint ( Black and Gray ) , Scissors , Glue or Tape and a stake to secure into the ground. This can be done with old wood as well , hint  , hint......

Start by getting an old cardboard box and cutting it into the form of a tombstone. Saving some for a stand if making these for table top decorations.
Paint with the grey paint , front first let dry then the back. Once dry use the black paint to write something on it and decorate with any cracks  , spiders or other spooky ideas. These are not for rainy weather so you may want to place these a little before the trick or treaters make their appearance.
Attach to the stake with glue or tape and place in the ground. Make many of these for a full graveyard.
 For the table top decorations simply follow the above directions but instead of using a stake to secure this you will cut out a back tab to attach. To do this cut out a triangle ( one side should be straight and longer , see pics below ) , bend slightly at the longer end and glue or tape to secure. Place on the table with some other spooky decorations such as cobwebs and presto.

Some cute sayings for your tombstones :
Here lies Mrs. Derns Now being Eaten By Worms
Here lies I.M. Dead
I.M.A. Goner
Here lies Mr. Jones Now He's Just a Bag of Bones

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