Sunday, October 2, 2011

Short Break

As some may have noticed I haven't posted a new blog for a few days. I do enjoy posting and sharing but I also have to admit it can get a bit over whelming at times. I do my best to include step by step pics for people to follow but I don't have a great camera  , this makes it a little harder.
I am working on some new posts in keeping with the current holidays approaching. I am trying to purchase a few basic supplies needed but as with most Americans right now I am dealing with budget issues. So I am having to rethink how to make them in a way most can do as well. Little to no money is my motto in an effort to live more simply and I as well as anyone struggles at times with this concept. The fact that I can't run to the store or internet to purchase supplies makes me want to share my skills and ideas even more.
I have some wonderful ideas for table decorations as well as yard decorations and am bursting to share them with you all. So please be sure to check back in the next couple of days for the newest post / project.

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