Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trash Toppers ( Halloween Hats )

I love recycling , so much so I have found a way to use most everything others would throw away. This also saves me money and is just plain fun.
This is one of my many ideas for recycling and can be used for other holidays as well. But I thought with Halloween creeping up on us , hahaha that this would be something perhaps you could use or build on to make an inexpensive costume for you and your children.

You Need :
Plastic bowls / microwave bowls from store bought frozen food section , yogurt cups or old plastic drinking glasses. Glue gun , white glue , glitter , scissors , ribbon  , elastic / string and any other decorations you would like to add.

1. Clean and dry the item you choose to use as your base.

2. Poke 2 holes one on each side for the elastic or ribbon / string to secure your hat to your head. This can be done by hammering a nail threw or drilling with a drill depending on the thickness of you base.

3. Paint with white glue and sprinkle with glitter. Take your time doing this , it is best to do in sections. Let Dry. You may want to do this more then once and a final layer of glue can be used as a sealer. Simply paint on the glue over the glitter and let dry.

4. Attach any ribbons , flowers or other decorations securing if need be with the glue gun.

5. String elastic threw one of the side holes and knot. Now with the hat on your head measure the elastic to the proper size and thread threw the other hole and knot.

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  1. Cute!! I'm all for homemade costumes! Most of mine as a kid were and I had a ball helping to create them. Lynette from FB "A Simpler Life"