Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitchen Kures

I have over the years been doctor to my children and thought it might be nice to share some of these home remedies as well as other useful and eco-friendly tips that actually work. These are much more affordable then going to the Doctor in most cases as well as being cheaper then most over the counter drugs , but should you be in dire need Please go to The Hospital or see your M.D.
Almost all of these can be found right in your pantry and most have more then one purpose. So let's get to it.....

1. Vinegar : This is useful for easing the sting of sunburns but did you know it is also a great anti-bacterial? Simply use it in a spray bottle to help during cold and flu season. Spritz in hair to remove build up and get great shine.

2. Baking Soda : This is a truly wonderful product. It can be used in a mixture of water and baking soda , mix to paste and apply to Acne or Razor Burn. Baking soda has so many uses I keep it in my house at all times.

3. Mayonnaise : Now some will not believe this but Mayo can actually get rid of head lice. I swear to you this is true all you need to do is apply to scalp and hair , cover for several hours and when ready wash hair and comb out lice. It is also wonderful for dry cracked feet and yes your mother was right even your hair.

4. Tea : Place a warm tea bag on the eye to help with pink eye or a stye. The natural chemicals in tea helps with the swelling and infection. Chamomile tea is a wonderful relief for those with Eczema simply brush the liquid tea onto the affected area.

5. Maple Syrup : Can be used to help fight aging , simply apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes and remove.

6. Toothpaste : This is useful for bee stings and acne as well as cleaning crayon marks off the wall. Just be careful not to remove the paint when using this method.

7. Lemons : Use to clean cutting boards. Lemons have a natural antibacterial property and will kill germs and remove stains. They are also great for removing stains from finger nails. Use daily on Age spots and watch them disappear. This is also great for stains on clothing.

8. Vanilla :  Pure natural Vanilla extract can be used to help ease a tooth ache and as a natural bug repellent.

9. Vodka : Great for jellyfish stings but can also freshen your laundry and help keep flowers fresh. Spray underarms of shirts , leave on for 20 minutes and wash.Also useful for cleaning Diamonds.

10. Honey : Terrific for diarrhea and is Truly wonderful for treating minor cuts and burns. DO NOT GIVE HONEY TO ANY CHILD UNDER AGE 1 !!!!!!

I hope these will be helpful to you and your family. Keep in mid there are many , many other home remedies out there and can be easily found via the internet. KEEP IN MIND ANY ALLERGIES YOU MAY HAVE!

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