Monday, September 12, 2011

Husky Projects

In an earlier post I showed how to can corn but what did I do with the husks? I don't like wasting anything if I can keep from it so I dried them out for other fall projects. Here are a couple we enjoyed making and can be used for many other things then Fall Decorations such as , Bride Dolls , Toys for children , Or one I read not to long ago would be if you have hunters who trespass string the dolls at eye level and scatter a few chicken bones under the dolls and give them the willies hahahaha....... I thought that was to cute not to share. But sounds like a great Halloween Decoration

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

So let's get started. You'll need some dried husks , a bowl of warm water , string and scissors.

1. Soak dried corn husks in water. Cut string for use.

2. Grab several corn husks from the bowl and tie about 1 to 2 inches down from one end.

3. Now pull the lengths of the husk down over what is to be the head. A lot like peeling a banana.

4. Shape head and tie string around what is to be the neck.

5. Remove three husks from the bowl. Tie at one end, braid, and tie off. Cut ends to make even.

6. Place arms between the lengths of husk. Tie waist beneath arms with string to hold in place.

7. Using thin strips of corn husk, criss-cross around chest, wrap waist, and neck. Tuck ends in (you can tie off the husk strips before tucking them in). Use thin husk strips to tie over the strings at arm edges.

8. To fill out her skirt, trim the widest corn husks you have.

9. Wrap these husks around her middle and tie with string into place.

10. Wrap her middle and then trim the bottom of her skirt.
For her head, you can glue on dried corn silk for her hair, or take a large rectangular piece or two of husk, fold it, and tie it as her head scarf. Dry by placing on a skewer and standing in a bottle.

A twig and some corn husks for a broom.
This can be done on a Larger Scale for a
Wall decoration.

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