Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Corny Topic

Corn is in season!!!! Yay , hahahaha.......
My family loves corn in case you couldn't tell by the lead in sentence. Since it is in season I am able to get plenty at a good price. And that means canning , it is some work but I always look forward to canning with my 9 yr. old it just brings us closer and is a great learning experience for her.
I am not going to tell you this is an easy thing to do since the corn is going to have to be removed from the cob. But look at this way it's a great upper body and arm work-out that you don't need to go the gym for.  Not real big on working out with no results other then my looking better , I mean like to look my best but if I can get another thing accomplished then why not kill 2 birds with one stone? Hahaha.....
Keep in mind while you are shucking the corn that with the upcoming fall events it might be nice to dry a few to have for decoration. This is another post all together though and we will look into crafting corn decorations very soon. On to the canning.........
Drying can be done In Sunlight or a Dry area indoors.
Canning jams can be done with a simple water bath process but veggies need to be done in a pressure canner. I can't stress this enough since I don't want anyone getting sick.

First get everything ready , shuck your corn , sterilize your jars , have your equipment ready and at hand.

Once the corn is shucked and ready place into boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove from water and place another batch into the boiling water , you may need to add a little water from time to time depending on how many ears of corn you will be boiling. Once all the ears are cool enough get ready for your work-out. Being very careful take a sharp knife and remove the corn from the ear cutting in a downward motion. Place the corn in a large bowl until your finished with all the ears of corn. Or simply cut into a large pan.
Place the corn into the jars and add a pinch of canning salt fill with boiling water leaving 1 inch head space. Process according to your pressure canners Instructions.

Fresh Corn Year Round

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