Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Button Earrings

This is so simple anyone can do this , Teens adore this project since they can wear it.

You'll Need :

Plastic buttons , glue gun or super glue , earring posts ( can be purchased at any craft store ) and scissors or snipping pliers ( the kind used for cutting metal jewelry )

** Tip , if allergic to certain metals paint a little clear nail polish over the earring post before wearing.**

Pick out two matching buttons and cut off the back (part you would use to sew the button on). This is not suitable for holed buttons such as the two hole or four hole buttons.

Now place a bit of glue on the back and attach to the earring post.

 Earring posts come in many sizes so make sure you purchase ones that won't show from behind the buttons. You can purchase the clip on posts as well but be careful they tend to be a bit large.

That's it simple and stylish for any occasion !!!!

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