Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mundane Lives?

We all have days where we feel a little overwhelmed with life. We all would like to go back in time I think. Yet we as a society in my opinion and from what I have seen most wouldn't know what to do if we did. From what I can tell most people are all looking out for themselves these days. There is no respect for our elders , it's easier to put them away somewhere and wonder what they will leave when gone. And as far as our youth? Well , there was a time it took a village to raise a child but now it seems it takes cold hard cash.
I myself have always loved learning from my elders they have so much to share so much to offer us.
As for the children , why should anyone be concerned with someone else's child or what they are doing , right? It's none of their business and they could get sued or something if they interfere. It's just not worth it to speak up , seriously you could get shot or something either by the parents or the child themselves. When did we as a society let things get this bad and why aren't we doing anything about it?
Me personally , I will tell a child what I think if I know they are in the wrong even if they are not my child , how else are they to learn? If need be go to the parents and if a solution can't be reached then talk to your child about it  , how you feel and think as well as what you expect from them I still think this is the best and most impotrant Simple thing anyone can do for the children.
Now me , I still prefer to speak with a human then a machine or computer and love talking with friends face to face it is so much more personal. To many this could be considered mundane or even boring , with all the technology we have now why bother? For me the response is easy , the Human factor. You see to me the human factor is another important SIMPLE thing we can add to our lives.
When was the last time most sat down and actually wrote a letter to someone? No , not on the computer via email , an actual letter. It used to mean so much to so many once upon a time. What about an actual phone call instead of a text message? Wouldn't it be nice to hear the voice of you family member then to simply read their thoughts and feelings? This is something I am always complaining to my youngest son about. He is always texting me since to him making a phone call on his cell is much more time consuming and boring / mundane.
I wonder now more then ever when writing my blog posts if perhaps a Mundane life is exactly what we need instead of more of the "let's make things as easy as possible" that we have all as a society gotten caught up in. I mean why is it such a boring chore for people to make their own , why is it so hard to walk away from the t.v. or why is it such a hassle to spend time with family? I know everyone has a reason or in my opinion an excuse  and I say excuse because if people would stop and think , take a few minutes of their time to focus they would see they can do all these things and still be the responsible member of society they have always been.
So perhaps My blog should be named A Mundane Life , it's ordinary and to many boring or even commonplace. Maybe I should dwell on what I don't have and how much more I should have before I die.
But I do in fact like dreaming about things I may never have , making do with what I do have and spending time with people I care about. So I think I will keep my blog name A Simpler Life since that is what I would truly like to achieve not only for myself but to help others see some of the things I see going on in our society and with our children / grandchildren. I will post things I think will help bring a family closer while saving them some money so they will have time for the more important things in life. Post crafts , recipes , tips and tricks for making their lives a little more simple.

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