Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sand Art

Living in Florida I have tons and tons of real sand everywhere I look , but some may not or just want sand in a different color. This sand is great for making pictures or for those of us who remember the sand art in jars. After making the sand I will show you how to make some sand art in a decorative jar. There are a couple of ways to do this and I will explain both.
Native Americans have been creating sand art for some time as well as Tibetan Monks , Australian Aborigines and Latin Americans on Certain Christian Holidays. There are many different opinions as to when and where it originated. But it is still considered an art form and can be very detailed.

You'll Need :

Table Salt , Chalk , A Pie tin or other holder , paint brush , piece of paper

How To :

Pour some salt into the pie tin and take your desired color of chalk , place paper in bottom and start rubbing the chalk into the salt. Brush out the pie tin onto the paper. Store in a plastic baggie.

Now to make a picture simply spread glue with a paint brush on your desired design. If it is meant to be something more detailed you will want to do this in sections letting each section dry before moving on to the next. Once dry shake off excess.

If you are like me and love those old fashioned sand jars here's what you'll do . Take a clean jar with no markings or imprints on it and either simply pour layers of sand into the jar and moving around with a skewer up and down to get a ripple effect. I have heard of people sealing this off with Elmer's Gel Glue but I have not tried it so this would be something you might want to try.

You could also use the sand in a clear glass making the ripple effect and placing a tea candle in the middle , like the one at the top of the blog.

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