Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween / Tin Can Lanterns

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Tin Can lanterns are inexpensive as well as fun. Keep in mind you will have little ones all over and there are many inexpensive ways to light these little beauties up without using candles. Dollar Tree has Glow sticks of all shapes and sizes right now so I would recommend looking into that. But there are plenty of other non- flammable products out there should you choose to go that direction. ( this is great for those on a tight budget who might not be able to purchase pumpkins but still wan to decorate plus there's no rotting to worry about )

To get started get a few clean cans together. I have a can opener that doesn't leave a sharp edge , but if you have one that does you can simply push those down with a pair of pliers.

Some Nails , Clothes Hanger or string ( optional ), Plastic Baggie , Printed or drawn template and glow sticks.

You can draw your design onto the can with the permanent marker ( doesn't work very well ) or print a template / trace a template and place in plastic baggie. Fill the cans with water and freeze. Place baggie over the can ( this can be difficult since the can is going to get wet as it thaws. If possible use a couple of clothes pins to help hold in place at the top , very sticky tape works as well but may still come undone.) or as we did just simply free hand it and then start hammering the nail in , following the pattern ( the size of the nail is up to you ). Or you could simply punch holes all over with the nail.

I did opt. to use a candle for the pics

Punch two holes  , one on each side to attach the string. Thaw in sink. If using the clothes hanger snip off the ends and bend into a handle , push threw the hole and bend ends to form a metal handle. Tie a piece of string in the middle of the handle and attach the glow stick. It is now ready to be hung from any place you'd like to add a little glowing effect. Or place a little sand in the bottom  , add candle ( not recommended if small children will be in the area )  , glow stick or other light and place where ever desired and safe from being knocked over.

You can also paint the can if you like.

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