Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little Doll Making a Big Impact

This is not a typical blog for me. I tend to post blogs about cooking and crafts in an effort to help teach people to live simpler lives. I wanted to share this story though to show just how something as simple as a homemade Rag Doll can do so much. I hope you like it and are able to get something from it that you can use in your daily lives.
This is dedicated to all who have to overcome trying times. I would like to thank a very special young man for bringing this to my attention , and for the love he has for his sister and mother. It took a great deal to share this story with me and let me in turn share it with you all.
I don't want to give their names to help them keep their lives private as possible. After all they have been thru I am sure you will understand.
This young man came to be my friend thru Facebook , his mother unschools him thru the same umbrella school as I do for my 9 yr. old. We met in a Facebook group for our umbrella school and became fast friends , his mother posted a link for a website he was building in an effort to help save our planet. His website is one of the links here in my blog. By going to his website and joining I found him to be very intelligent and we began discussing ideas how to help educate people to better their lives and save the earth as well.
During this time I started my Facebook group associated with my blog. He along with many other friends joined the group and started adding ideas , crafts , recipes and more. We hold a contest once a month for group members and the first was a mini rag doll. 
He informed me that he really wanted to win this for his sister. A few days later he wrote me to let me know why this was so important to him and I was so touched by his families story and his sister in particular I wrote him back to let him know I would make a special doll just for her and requested that I write a blog about him and his family.
Here is a bit of what he shared with me in regards to his family and sister :

I get my inspiration from my mom, My dad, and my grandparents, My mom showed me to love the world and care for the world, When we were living in Puerto Rico my mom would let me go outside of her store in Old San Juan and walk around, My sister born when my mother was 24 weeks pregnant, My sisters born premature because she was a victim of domestic violence, She was in a coma for 4 weeks, My sister Nathalia(RIP) died at 7 months old, She was coming along fine completely healthy but she got pneumonia, My sister has Spina bifida, Dandy walker sindrome, and Hydrocephalus, She can have a full conversation with you, she can listen to you talk across the room, Because she has better hearing than an average human, she is fully bi-lingual in Spanish and English, basically she just can't walk, and my mom started  our online store on Ebay , to help her.  Because life is not cheap with a handicapped child, Out of my website, I like to read, walk outside, learn about the government of Puerto Rico, Because I want to become Governor of Puerto Rico when I am older, I like to travel, So far the countries I have been to are, U.S.A, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic and I hope many many more, I like to think, My mom teaches me to not follow any one but to have my own way of thinking, I pretty much covered it all, If you need some more info, Let me know and I will give it to you, This means alot to us, Thank You!!!
This is the info. he sent me when I asked if I could write a blog about him and his family. How anyone could not be moved or motivated to do something to help others is beyond me. It reminds me that everyone has a story and everyone has faced hardship at some point in their lives and needs some to simply listen and care.
It is my deepest hope that all of my group members will read this and feel moved enough to take the time to get to know your fellow group members and people in your life such as your neighbors and so on. You may not know them as well as you think in respect to the things they themselves have lived thru or are living thru and coping with. In this way we can make a difference in the world one person at a time. A simple ear to listen and share or perhaps a talent you possess could be of use to someone such as sewing a special doll or perhaps a jar of jam , the list is endless and means more then you may realize in the life of some else.

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