Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Season / 10 Helpful Tips To be Prepared

I wanted to post my next blog about Stamping but I think that will have to wait since we are facing our first hurricane of the season. As most know I live in Central Florida and we have Hurricane Season every year. It amazes me so many are never prepared , not that I myself have not faced issues with Hurricanes. During 2004 we had 3 hurricanes hit all within a months time , so as prepared as I was it still wasn't enough.
I would like to share some simple tips with you as well as remind you of some of my previous blog posts to help those who may have to deal with the current hurricane. It could miss Florida but why take the chance?
#1 Never Wait!!!! You should be preparing year round. When you go to the store if you can afford it and it is on sale buy it. Simple things like batteries , bottled water or even candles ( never throw out your used candle wax you can remake candles by going to a previous post about how to make and recycle candles ). You would be surprised what a difference this makes in the aftermath of the storm.
#2 Freeze Water!!!! You are going to need it. Not only will it help in keeping your food cold and safe to eat but it can be melted to drink should you need it. See my post about making ice to save some money and recycling your soda bottles , milk jugs and more.
#3 Stock up on non perishable foods!!! You can purchase year round canned goods  , or as in one of my posts you can Preserve  your own , Including Meats. Having these are a life saver since no matter how much ice you make it will go quickly.
#4 Oil / Hurricane Lamps. I have grown up with these even when not living in Florida so I always have at least 2 in my home. The oil can be purchased over the year as well and stored for years so it is a must have in my opinion.
#5 Laundry : Most people don't think about this until they no longer have power or water in some cases to wash their clothing. I recommend doing your laundry daily and keeping it caught up until the all clear is given. If by chance you find you need to wash , your tub should be full of water. Take what you need and wash your clothing in the sink or a bucket if need be. Do only what you need to save on water and to keep from hurting your back.
#6 Simple tools are a must have. An Ice pic , Can opener , Screw drivers , Hammer , Saw and any other tools you think would be useful. During the 2004 hurricanes we had a hatchet and since we ran out of Charcoal we went out and found what dry wood we could and chopped it up to cook on. You will need to be creative in a time of crisis so keep that in mind when preparing for or dealing with a hurricane.
#7 Have Large Buckets or other containers on hand. During the 2004 hurricanes we were without water for over a week since we had a well. So I took large plastic containers , the deeper the better , and caught water from the rains we delt with that followed the hurricanes. We used this water for bathing and cooling off.
#8 If you don't already have one get a grill. This is going to be needed not only for cooking but if you need to sterilize water due to a lack of bleach. As I stated before you can use wood should you run out of Charcoal.
#9 Bug Repellent : You can make your own or purchase it but what ever you do make sure you have some on hand. You could be without power for a long period and the nights and rains are going to produce the bugs. Believe it or not basil can help repel bugs as well as dryer sheets. Yes Dryer sheets so if by chance you find you have nothing else go to your laundry room and get them out. Or make your own well in advance , here is the link to a Friend's Post regarding Natural Insect Repellent.
#10 My final tips are to get a list of things you will need. Many news stations offer these for FREE every year. Seal your belongings in plastic bags , have your evacuation items ready and make sure you have planned for your pets. Many shelters DO NOT allow pets. Get what cash you think you will need out of the bank and fill gas cans if possible but store them safely!!!! ( Charge ALL ELECTRONICS!!!! Things like your cell phone and lap tops will help you to keep in touch and provide some entertainment. Most can be charged by using your car battery but be careful not to drain your battery)
To be perfectly honest with you in my opinion there is no reason you shouldn't be prepared. If you live in an area that gets hurricanes you should be aware that the it is possible and likely one will hit at some point or time. Please stay Safe and Aware of your surroundings at all times. Power lines will be down all over DO NOT TOUCH THEM OR TRY TO DRIVE OVER THEM!!!!! In fact if you Don't need to be on the Road STAY HOME!!!! The roads may be flooded as well so unless you really have to don't go out driving. These are things I always keep in my home year round and think of when I hear that a hurricane may hit our area. I hope they help and encourage you to get prepared and stay prepared.

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