Sunday, August 28, 2011

Money Matters

Money does matter but does it matter as much as you think? We need money for food  , clothing , housing , electric and so many other things simply to live. But is it as important as the love you have for your family? Of course not  , we all know this but when things get hard as they are now in this economy it is easy to loose sight of this.
Living more Simply means making some sacrifices this is true. But it is so worth it in so many ways. I would like to share a few things with you to help ease the burden of the financial mess our Nation is in. You see I have been thru this before , as a child I was homeless for a time and didn't even know where our next meal was going to come from. Many people were in the same situation , we lived in rest areas and would bounce around while our parents tried to find work. And even then we were a blue collar family so we were never well to do and had to think and work hard for what we had. So I do know how to survive in most any situation , but things and times change. It isn't as easy as it once was to go out and get your dinner. Even if you live in an area where you can go hunting and fishing you have to come up with the money for the permits and so on. Growing your own food can be an issue as well since many people live in HOA's and if not many live in an area where it isn't allowed or there are so many rules and guidelines it is to difficult or if like me you simply have very poor earth to work with.
There is hope though. Let's face it we have to work with what we have. If your reading this you are able to access the internet and can get some coupons to help with the cost of food , household supplies and more.
One of my favorite sites is there are many more out there but most have the same coupons so once you find one you like and works well for you check in weekly for offers and coupons to help save some cash. Also look into brand name sites , many have offers you can sign up or directly through them and Some even have Facebook pages that you can get coupons from. I am not an extreme couponer I enjoy life to much to spend hours and hours a day cutting coupons. But they are a useful tool so use them when you can.
You can also grow some of your own food indoors. The Topsy Turvy  Planters work well for tomatoes and you won't get into any trouble with you HOA. Herbs are also nice in this device but let's face it we are more concerned with filling our bellies then flavoring our food. You can also use planters outside if the soil is to poor for growing. This is the method I use and I usually don't grow anything between June and Sept. since we get brutal heat here in Florida. There are always farmer's markets as well and you can get some pretty good deals if you are willing to haggle a little or even purchase foods that may need to be eaten right away or preserved ASAP.
The thrift stores are booming these days. Here's the problem with that , they know your going to go there and so they have boosted the prices on everything. I went just this weekend and I was shocked at the prices , much of what they were selling was in poor shape to say the least and yet the prices were as much as something I could get brand new at another local Department Store Chain. So does it really pay to shop thrift stores? It depends on what your looking for. In my opinion I would rather buy new and pay the same as the used. It only pays to shop thrift stores if your going to save money , but if your looking for furniture you may actually get some good deals at the thrift store. But stay aware , shop around just like you would even in a good economy. Just because it says THRIFT STORE doesn't mean your getting a good deal.
I do like to craft.....LOL That's an understatement to say the least , but even I know that sewing isn't always economical. If I am spending more for fabric then it costs to buy it already made I'm going to buy the already made and if need be I can alter it as needed. If you do sew I recommend singing up for any promotions you local fabric store may have. JoAnn's Fabrics has a monthly flyer you can sign up for and usually has 40% off coupons in them and sometimes more.
And Finally reuse what you already have. If it needs repaired see if it is cost effective to do so. Hand-me-Downs are a great way to stretch the money but be sure it's something they are going to wear. You can always turn a hand-me-down into a one of a kind with simple little changes and they will actually wear it. Freeze Left-overs. These make great meals on nights when no one wants to cook. Simply store in a Micro safe dish that can go from freezer to micro and Bam you have a cheap and easy dinner. There are so many ways to save if you get creative.
The thing to remember is that no matter how tight things may get or how hard it may seem there is way to survive. I am currently working on craft ideas for the upcoming Holidays to help everyone still enjoy themselves while living as cheaply as possible. Please be sure to share your money saving tips by commenting and telling us how you and your family MAKE A PENNY SCREAM.....LOL

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