Saturday, July 30, 2011

School Days , School Days (Unschool Days)

Making a Cake
I have recently seen many blogs and posts about going back to school or homeschooling. I myself Unschool my 9 yr. old and it has worked wonders for us. Some people think that by unschooling I just let her do whatever she wants and pay little to no attention to her. They also question how she can actually learn anything useful like Math , Science and English / Language Arts without a curriculum . The first thing I tell people is that everything she does is learning , when she makes a batch of muffins or cookies she is in fact doing math , science and language arts. "Not really they reply" , it's not the same as what she would learn in school or with a curriculum. No , I reply she learns much more. She is learning to be an independent thinker , she is learning at her own pace and in her own way. She doesn't feel threatened or pressured to preform like a monkey on cue. She isn't drilled 8 hrs. a day to pass a test to gain money for an institution that has failed her as well as her father. After this they tend to walk away , turn their chairs so their backs face me or simply tell me I am not doing right by my child. I have run into this all the time and more then many of my fellow unschoolers. It's not to say on occasion that some parents actually are interested and have valid questions which I am all to happy to answer. I mean I have to admit I too am learning what works best for us. We have only been unschooling for 1 school yr. , I say school year so those who don't unschool can relate to a time frame. But I can tell you it has been a blessing for us. She attends unschooling yr. round , everything she does is considered learning and she has the freedom to express herself.

 We are also able to opt. out of certain vaccines , you see it is up to me what shots  she gets and which ones she doesn't. And that is how it should be in my mind , no-one but I should be saying what can and can't be pumped into my child. This is not for everyone and I am not pushing it or saying that public school doesn't have it's place or that home schooling with a curriculum doesn't work. What I am saying is that it doesn't work for us. Public school in my thinking after raising 3 grown men Doesn't Work , this is my own opinion. It didn't work for my 2 older children and my youngest did what the rest of the programmed children do , he memorized everything and would pass the test given him and move on to the next test. He doesn't think for himself and has challenged me many times in regards to my decision to continue unschooling because he thinks I need time away from her , I need a daily break. He has told me I am not doing things right since his teachers told him the only way to do something is the way they taught him , so let's see he learned to NOT think for himself. I am very Pro Home schooling and Unschooling at least with home schooling YOU get to choose what they will learn , how they will learn it and at their own pace much like unschooling. The only real difference between unschooling and home schooling is the curriculum and many times you will find home schooler's and unschooler's socializing together online or in public , at events and so on. This is due to the fact we understand each other and the freedom we desire as well as respect each other.
Sewing Class
Preparing Green Beans

Some may think that the conversation above is me being rude and not giving someone a chance. It isn't I can tell when someone is being judgmental or if they are sincere in asking me. And I am over having to explain myself to those with an attitude or dare to tell me I am not doing right by my child. I am over the Government telling me how to raise my child , what to feed my child , what she needs to know , how to teach it , why to teach it , when to go to the potty , when to eat , sleep and play.
Writing with Quill on P.J. Day
I do love the deals that come with the beginning of a public school yr. The crayons , paints , colored pencils , paper and more. Just because we unschool doesn't mean she doesn't need supplies as well. Plus it gives me a chance to stock up. We do many things as unschoolers like many field trips , crafts are a huge part of our daily lives , cooking is a must since we need to eat and eat healthy , shopping for our food , cleaning our rooms and home , watering and caring for our plants. These are only a few learning things we do , you see they all have elements of academics that public school teaches. Shopping for our food is math / money management and reading / language arts , Field trips are hands on learning which could be History or Science,  Crafts again Language arts since reading directions is a must and freedom of expression something Public schools DO NOT LIKE. Cooking teaches language arts / reading , science / what happens as food cooks and the chemical reactions that occur when cooking , math / fractions and multiplying if you double your recipe perhaps and Health is also covered which Public schools don't teach anymore outside of Sex. Watering and caring for plants cover Agriculture many children never learn this in Public school.
ST Augustine Field Trip
So we eat when we are hungry , we sleep when we are tired , we learn at our own pace and learn what we are interested in. We don't take tests , we do receive praise and get plenty of one on one attention and we live our lives as we see fit. We wear what we want and express ourselves freely. We don't strive to live up to anyone else's expectations but our own.



  1. This Post was AWESOME!!! Congratulations and I CONCUR with you!!! YAY to Independent Thinking!! AMEN!

  2. I only wanted to mention that you can get an exemption to not vax if you are in public school. :)

  3. Very well put!! I agree that life teaches you more than a set curriculum...My family is more "eclectic" in our homeschooling..Some have called us unschoolers, while others don't agree...I'm not a label person, so I am fine either way..:) I own a secular group, and see ALL sorts of home schoolers on a regular basis, and it amazes me how creative our kids are, how they ask the right questions (unlike PS kids who tend to not ask questions), are so much more polite and know how to talk to everyone, not just their own age group. So, yes! I am a proud home school Mom! :)