Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Journey

This blog is for all those like me who are looking for some simpler ways to live our lives. It's not to say that many things won't take a little more time , you see a simpler life doesn't mean taking the easy way out. It means doing for ourselves , a healthier way of doing things that will in fact make life easier in the end.
I have always been a crafty person it just seems to come naturally to me. Since I was about 8 yrs. old I have been making and doing. I grew up on my Aunt , Uncle and Grandfather's farms so there were always things to be done. From planting , harvesting and preserving. All of which sound like a great deal of work and when I was little that is exactly what it was to me WORK! But now that I am older and remembering my life I realize that the things I did then and the things they taught me were more precious then gold. With all the time we spend on computers we are losing time in our lives and the lives of our families. Many people would say they spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day playing on computers. Notice I said playing , not working. I wanted to get more crafting done and realized I was spending way to much time playing on my computer. That was what was eating away my time and in my opinion my life. I also wanted to feed my family healthier foods , less processed foods so I bought a canner and an ice cream maker. And once again it popped in my head about my computer friends and games. I could not believe how addicted I had become and vowed to make changes. You see in making and doing for myself not only can I save money , feed my family better , be less stressed and be self sufficient , I can spend more time WITH my family and spend my time LIVING my life instead of wasting it and wondering where it all went.
I sew , make candles , soaps , jewelry and now I am canning our own vegetables  , jams and anything else I can make from scratch to insure I know what is in it. We will also be making our own ice cream , candy and the likes. You see I truly believe this is healthier at least it was when I was growing up. In working to achieve we feel more satisfied and less stressed how can anyone lose? We also should be including our family , the little ones actually find it fun and exciting to make and do for themselves. To know they can make what ever they need and in fact don't need all the technology that is being fed to us on a daily basis.
I will be posting tips tricks and pit falls I face in this journey back to simply living and how the challenges of today's society affect this process. Today we are canning green beans , I have not done this in yrs. so it will be interesting to see how things go.
Until my next post , enjoy your life and your family.

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