Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paper Cakes and Flights of Fancy

Dreams of Cake and Flights of Fancy make wishes possible. These Paper Cakes slices are perfect for any occasion from children's parties to wedding showers and everything in between. This is a No Calorie Cake so Adults Will Really Enjoy this Recipe :)  This is so popular with kids of all Ages you can't loose. This template comes from one of my favorite websites Mirkwood Designs / Templates
and they are all Free!!! We Love Free!!! Here's the actual cake template Paper Cake Template , you can enlarge this by simply clicking on the template and then print. I haven't printed one in a while but the last time I did it printed the zoomed size , if not you can always enlarge it yourself. Print as many as you think you will need and different sizes as well if you would like to make a layered cake. Get creative and be sure to Have some fun!!! Fill with prizes and treats themed to your party. ( I did not include step by step instructions for this since it is so simple. It requires folding along the lines nothing more. )


Ingredients : Dreams , Love , Imagination , Template , Thick Colorful Paper to Print on ,  Tape , Glue  , Glitter , Pom-Pom's , Lace , Bow's and everything in between. Filling is made of Pure Love and Flights of Fancy :)

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