Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Butter

Who would think of making your own butter these days , with all the bad things butter does to us why would anyone want to even eat butter. The fact is Real butter in moderation is not unhealthy. Since it is dairy you do in fact get some benefits , I am not saying eat a stick of butter a day but I mean really? If you think about all the chemicals , hormones and other things in the store bought butter you might actually decide to make your own as well. It is awesome exercise and you won't have to buy a Shake Weight this does the same thing and you get a reward in the end....lol I know you can buy Organic butter but it is satisfying to know you can make it yourself and it's fun. My Middle son was over today and he helped with the process and let me tell you we all laughed so much. We even used bouncing the jar up and down on the bed , it was sight to see let me tell you :) And it is so simple you could incorporate it into any event you would like , the more the merrier and it can be an educational time as well. You can tell your children about the Pioneer's and Settler's and how they made their own butter as well as much more. Think how proud your child will be knowing they made something they can actually eat and share with family and friends. It is also handy if you happen to be baking and have no real butter in the house but happen to have heavy cream , you can add salt if you like but most recipes when baking call for unsalted. I'm not going to tell you it is cheaper to make your own vs. buying it in your local grocery , just healthier and fun. Please let me know how you liked it and your experience with it. I really think this is one of the most fun , self sufficient projects I have posted that anyone can do.

Homemade Butter : 

Ingredients : Heavy Cream , (Salt optional) , A sense of Humor and Lot's of Love

You will need a a jar large enough to hold the amount of cream you wish to turn into butter with a secure lid. I prefer to make smaller amounts of butter at a time since the more cream you use the longer it will take to make the butter. 

 Typically half a Pint to  3/4 a pint is plenty. Pour your cream into the jar add  a pinch of salt if desired and seal the lid securely and begin to shake vigorously  in an up and down motion for aprox. 10 minutes (smaller amounts may require a smaller amount of time). 

During this time you will see the butter start to form , then it will start to separate you will see a milky liquid appear again don't stop shaking be sure to shake for the full 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes look at your butter and if firm pour off any excess liquid. Store in a air tight container.

Some people like to rinse the butter off with cold water , I have never had to do this. You may after placing in the fridge notice a little milk develop if so simply pour off the excess and use as normal. 

That's it you have made your own butter :) I Hope it was as much fun for you and your family as it was for mine.


  1. OMG Tina, I did not know that it was that easy, albeit exerting, with all the shaking, but what the heck you actually burn some calories in the process of making your own butter! Love it!

  2. This is AWESOME, I am so going to try this, I will let you know how it turns out!!!! Angel from facebook.

  3. Isabella , Notice the reference to the Shake Weights? Hahaha..... It does take some effort but if you have at least 2 people it's not as tough and three or more and it is a fun filled event trust me. Hope you enjoy the butter.
    And Angel I look forward to your rating of this. I really think your gonna love it.