Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer and the Ice Monster

This is dedicated to everyone that has ever went to the freezer to get some ice for your drink only to find that all the ice is gone and no-one has bothered to replace , refill or do anything to replenish the Ice , this creatures name is The Ice Monster. And every family has at least one living in their home. 
I was thinking about this while I was filling a used milk carton with water , which we use for ice for our ice cream maker. There was a time that my family and I made ice just like this but for our drinks. We would freeze water in anything we could clean out and fill with a decent amount of water. Once frozen we would get out the ice pick , anyone remember those???? lol  And chop , chop , chop until we had filled a large bowl or clean bucket with ice. We never had to worry about keeping anything cold we always had ice. 
So I was wondering why we as a society now don't do this anymore. Is it due to the fact it is to dangerous? I think not I was chopping ice when I was 8 and I am still alive all fingers are present and counted for. Perhaps it is the quality of water? That is a good point but we can always get a filter for the tap. Maybe and please don't get offended , but maybe it is due to the fact we are just to lazy. I am guilty of this myself. It is so easy just to buy a bag of ice and go out and get what I want already to go. 
It is inexpensive as well so why not? Well if your spending let's say 2 dollars a big on ice and you buy even one bag a week that adds up to 96 dollars a year! Maybe to some that doesn't sound like much but to me it's Huge! And if you double that to 2 bags a week your up to 192 dollars a year , now do I have you attention?
Anything that holds liquid and can be washed out well , sometimes cutting the top off helps. Milk Jugs or Cartons , Juice Jugs and Cartons are perfect if you have some large old storage containers those work as well. Now here's the hard part , finding an ice pick. At least for me it has been an issue , believe it or not most stores no longer sell them. I suppose they are to easily used as a weapon so don't sell them people will be stabbing each other all over the place : P 
Not only are you going to save money , always have ice but you will be recycling as well. Just by cleaning out you containers and using them to freeze water. Many can be reused a few times before having to send them to the recycle bin. 
Yogurt containers are great for the little ones to make fruit cycles or frozen yogurt pops. There are so many things we could be using in our day to day lives to keep us cool during these Summer Days of Heat. Try and become creative and see what you can use. Be sure to involve your family , that's the greatest reward of living a Simpler Life.
Once the ice is frozen well let it thaw a bit before attempting to chop it up. It juts makes things easier and sometimes your able to get it out of the container before chopping and this way you can reuse the container again : ) 

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